On my way to Louisiana, I had a 12-hour layover in LAX. Not wanting that amount of potential travel time to go to waste, I got on the FlyAway bus to Hollywood. An hour and $8 later, I was there. Tired, but ready to do some exploring.

Note: If you want to take FlyAway from LAX to Hollywood, either buy a ticket ahead of time or be prepared to use your card. They don’t accept cash. You get dropped off at the corner of Argyle and Selma, a couple of minutes from Hollywood Blvd.

American traffic lights are strange


Walk of Fame

I had no idea how long the Walk of Fame was. I thought it was just along Hollywood Blvd but it turns out it spills out onto the adjacent streets as well. There were so many names and I didn’t know half of them, but it still felt kind of surreal. I was walking amongst the stars, regardless of how many of them I could actually put a face to.

There were a lot of people, so the best shot I could get was taken at 8pm from Hollywood & Highland. The stars don’t all face the same way, which didn’t sit right with my need for things to be organised, but I see the thought process behind putting them down that way. I guess it makes sense, with people walking in all directions.

Anyone else notice Batman?

Hollywood & Highland

I’m not sure what you would call this. A mall of some sort, but it’s open air, which is pretty neat. You get to do some shopping and still enjoy the Los Angeles sunshine. The reason I went here was that I’d read somewhere that it had a good view of the Hollywood sign. I can confirm that it did, although I wish I’d had time to go closer.

Hopped of the plane at LAX with a dream and a crop top

Museum of Broken Relationships

I’ve visited quite a lot of museums in my life, but this is without a doubt my favourite so far. It’s just such a different concept. The layout is quite minimalist (which made my Scandinavian happy) and the stories that go with each of the objects are all worth a read. Some made me laugh, others made me clutch at my shirt above where I like to think my heart is because I could feel my heart break a little.

Cost: $15 for students

Hollywood Museum

This museum boasts an amazing collection of all sorts of things related to Hollywood history, including a lot of original clothing and makeup. There’s even a collection of celebrity autographs. There’s bound to be something here that everyone will enjoy, regardless of whether it’s Max Factor’s original makeup, the SciFi costumes, or the basement filled with all sorts of horror paraphernalia.

Cost: $12 for students


Cho Oishi

Jet lag and onboard meal timings messed with my hunger and perception of time, but I did manage to eat. I went into Cho Oishi at Hollywood & Highland. If you sit outside, I think you might be see the Hollywood sign (or the general direction) if you sit outside, but I was shattered from all the walking and in need of cold surroundings.

I parted with 20-something dollars for 18 pieces of sushi, a drink, and the infamous American tip. I don’t know anything about what things are supposed to cost in the States, but I thought that was a pretty great deal. Besides, my internal clock was somewhere near 4am by this point, so I would’ve been happy with anything.

That’s about all I have to say for this round of Los Angeles touristing. I’m hoping to go back to California at some point, but whether it’ll be Los Angeles or somewhere else, I really couldn’t say. Only time will tell. For now, I’d just like to thank Hollywood for the best layover I’ve ever had. If you ever have a layover that long, go into town. If you have the resources, don’t be a noob and stay at the airport.

– Cat


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