You were promised a much-delayed Christmas post and I’m here to deliver. It’s almost like I’m writing and publishing all these posts ridiculously slowly on purpose, to keep expectations low, thereby decreasing the pressure on me. Almost.

Last Christmas marked the first time I spent the holidays without my biological family, ‘biological’ being the key word. Instead, I celebrated with my adoptive one. Two months later, I’m still beyond grateful for the amazing experience. It was interesting to witness an American Christmas in contrast to the Danish one I’ve grown up with. There was heaps of food. I’m surprised I didn’t just roll to Niagara Falls.

Rest and Recuperation

Being on the road is tough. Moving to a new place every few days is physically strenuous and I was caught off guard by how mentally demanding it was to not have anyone to share the travelling experience with. Happiness is better shared and in hindsight, it would have been ideal to have a low-maintenance travel partner.

Conneaut enabled some much-needed downtime. My ankle was fucked* and I fell ill on Christmas Day, so the timing of my visit was phenomenal. No sarcasm intended, I’m genuinely grateful that of all places, I happened to fall ill where I was cared for.


*I was going to censor myself, but it took a solid month of post-travel recuperation for full ankle functionality to return, so I stand by the expletive.


One Drinking Game to Rule Them All

For those of you who haven’t watched New Girl: True American is a drinking game. The floor is molten lava. It looks illogical and downright unplayable when you watch the series, but we looked up the rules and discovered that it was not only playable, but also the best drinking game to ever exist. King’s Cup can go home.

On account of me being ill, I was honoured with the task of refereeing (and shouting out “JFK” once in a while, to make everyone down their beers). I’ll spare you the rundown of the rules of the game. Suffice to say I have some quality footage of upwards of three not-quite-sober people attempting to fit on one pillow.

Stripy here can’t handle their liquor

I didn’t take a lot of pictures when I was in Conneaut, so in order to steer clear of huge chunks of text, I’m going to end this post here.

Thank you to my lovely adoptive family for making sure Christmas felt like Christmas even though I was an ocean away from every person and tradition I’ve spent the holidays with for the past two decades. I’m beyond grateful for everything.

Until next time.

– Cat



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