Washington is gorgeous and I couch surfed with the loveliest host imaginable, but being alone again was strange and empty. I had planned to travel from Seattle to Las Vegas through Portland, but (spoiler alert) I skipped Portland. Two days in, I was too exhausted to continue on my own. I didn’t realise that was even possible.

Owl City Flashbacks

I didn’t realise that I associated Seattle with Owl City until I was in the damn ferris wheel overlooking the Puget Sound. After that, I couldn’t shake the what I had thought was long-forgotten tune of Hello Seattle. Thanks, Adam Young.

Bike lanes aka. sources of genuine happiness

Mindless Wandering

I felt like all I did in Seattle was walk, eat, and sleep, but now that I look back on my visit, I realise I managed to fit in a few museums as well. I visited the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) for free because I was there on the first Thursday of the month, so that was pretty cool. I did pay for the special exhibition on Yves Saint Laurent, but thankfully it was half price, so it didn’t exactly break the bank.

Other than that, I hit up the Museum of Pop Culture, which was pretty neat. I had to rush through it a little because I woke up late (and therefore started the day late, you know how that whole thing works), but it was definitely worth the money. I didn’t pay to see their Star Trek exhibition because I just… don’t care…

In terms of food, I stumbled upon an amazing sushi place during their happy hour and paid practically nothing for what my uninformed and uneducated European taste buds was great sushi. Affordable and yummy is the way forward.

Someone give me an estimate of how much this installation is worth


I wish my feet had been in a better condition during my time in Seattle, but I managed to fit in a fair bit in spite of my impaired ability to walk. On top of that, I’m a little sad that I missed out on Portland, but I was miserable and I knew that being alone wouldn’t help at all. Sometimes you just have to prioritise your mental health.

Not that Las Vegas necessarily helped.

Stay tuned.

– Cat


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