Grand Canyon+

I'm supposed to be working so, of course, that's the opposite of what I'm doing. Will I resent myself for this negligence later? Yes. But that's what I like to call a then problem. I'm choosing to focus on the now problem, which is finishing up this American road trip series (four months after the trip ended). Some [...]


Alas the + has returned. I'd planned to spend at least one full day in Boston, but plans change, especially when your host is a lovely woman who encourages the baking of monkey bread and gives you decent sightseeing advice. Massachusetts marked the beginning of the road trip segment of my travels, both in the sense that the travelling [...]


You were promised a much-delayed Christmas post and I'm here to deliver. It's almost like I'm writing and publishing all these posts ridiculously slowly on purpose, to keep expectations low, thereby decreasing the pressure on me. Almost. Last Christmas marked the first time I spent the holidays without my biological family, 'biological' being the key word. Instead, [...]